Ask the Campers

What camp job would you most like to do?

Damian:  “Counselor”

Damian: “Counselor”

Nika:  “Pottery director”

Nika: “Pottery director”

Sam:  “Section head of Pioneer”

Sam: “Section head of Pioneer”

Sophie:  “Boating director”

Sophie: “Boating director”

Marcus:  “Counselor”

Marcus: “Counselor”

Asher:  “Rock climbing specialist”

Asher: “Rock climbing specialist”

Larry:  “Fishing specialist”

Larry: “Fishing specialist”

Sophie:  “Counselor”

Sophie: “Counselor”

Brennan:  “Pottery specialist”

Brennan: “Pottery specialist”

Maya:  “Counselor”

Maya: “Counselor”

Dean:  “Riding staff”

Dean: “Riding staff”

Mahoune:  “Any job at camp”

Mahoune: “Any job at camp”



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