A Different Kind of Hiking – Part 1

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“I did some hard climbs that I didn’t think I could do.”

Jack C’s review just about sums up the essence of rock climbing.  Standing at the bottom of cliff, a climber wonder how he or she can ever make it up to the top.  But with proper instruction, proper persistence, and the protection of a rope, anything is possible.

“We also played games; it was pretty cool,” continues Jack in talking about a recent trip to Pitchoff mountain, with Emma adding that “It was so fun.”

Fun, yes, but is rock climbing safe?  “The only problem I had,” said Emma “was falling down16_rockclimb04 while we were walking to the rock, that was my fault, but the climbing was super safe and really cool!”

Campers have the opportunity to improve at the sport at Pok-O-MacCready’s CRUX facility, where they can learn techniques in climbing, bouldering, rappelling, and the all-important, all-trusting role of belaying, or securing the rope.

Oddly, not everyone on a camp rock climbing trip has to climb rocks.  Caroline chose to not climb “because that’s not how I roll, but I did enjoy belaying Camden.  His life was in my hands and we were a good team.  Even though I don’t climb, I love being around rock climbers.”


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