High Stakes and Cornering the Market

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Robinson Hall became a casino hall last night for the 112th annual Pok-O-MacCready Casino 16_casino11Night.

The casino featured much of the usual gaming:  Blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, mini golf, and much more.  Notably missing this year, however, were the bandits, who have created havoc for many years.  “I was happy that people couldn’t steal money this year” said Chloe.  “My favorite game was the memory game, but it was all very fun.”

A popular feature was the V.I.P. lounge, reserved strictly for the high rollers.  “I didn’t get into VIP”, said Eric, adding that “It was hard to do, but I enjoyed all of the games, I did get food and it was really fun.”

To become a V.I.P., some gamers pooled their resources.

“I thought that the games were really fun”, said Tor.  “And Me and Owen were adding up our16_casino23 money together and we ended up getting into the V.I.P., where I got a Mountain Dew and Owen got a lot of candy.  It was fun.”

Mahoune, in her first day of camp, won the jar of candy, but there was no doubt who the big winner of the night was.  “I cornered the market”, boasted James S. “I just kept an eye on the stocks and when they plummeted, I put my money on them and waited for them to go up.”  In the end, James earned over 6-million dollars– more than two-thirds the total money in the bank.

While the casino had to close for the year at roughly 9:00pm, James takes pleasure in knowing “that I have been given V.I.P. privileges… for life!”

See a couple dozen images here + scores more soon at our online gallery.


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