Inspection, Five Minutes!

16_inspection01Inspection takes place in the morning at both the boys and girls camps.  Campers are responsible for cleaning their own bunk areas while sharing in the cleaning of the cabin and surrounding area.  Beds are made…. clothes are folded… floors are swept… wet clothes need to be put on the line, while dry ones need to come off.

Campers are of mostly unanimous agreement that inspection, while at times frustrating, is important.  Cole thinks that “Inspection is cool because it helps us clean but it can be maybe stressful on our cabin sometimes because we are not the neatest, and trying to get everyone to do something can be hard.”

Olivia:  “It’s good for keeping the cabin clean, but that’s it.”

“Sometimes it can be hard to do, especially when kids are missing (on a hike),” voiced 16_inspection05Christian, “but I like inspection because it makes all of the cabins nice and clean, and you know where everything is.”  Kendall agrees that, “I don’t like my things to be everywhere.”

Claire B has no problem with camp cleanup because “Even if they didn’t make us do it, I would probably clean everyday on my own anyway.”

Ella does double duty, as she is part of the Horsemasters program, which is taking care of animals at the same time as inspection.  “I think doing both can be a little tiring.”

As for further incentive to clean, there are two big things.  One, in most sections, the cabin with the best weekly score will earn a reward.  Secondly, and perhaps even more important, if a cabin fails at inspection, they may have to go through the process again at some other point of the day.


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