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Pok-O-MacCready’s oldest tribal contest – dating back to 1955 – is the flour hawk game.  The tribes of the Iroquois nation were divided into five territories, and over the course of three games, socks were flying, prisoners were caught, and flags were captured. With the outcome of

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The Great Tribal Relay Race

    Covering several miles, and showcasing skill, speed and strength in running, swimming, boating, cycling and portaging, the co-ed relay race is traditionally held on the final morning of Tribal Games. Braves from each of the tribes are responsible for not only crossing he finish line

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Tribal Tasks

    Formerly an all-girls event, Tribal Tasks is now a coed tribal competition, featuring mostly younger braves from both Pok-O and MacCready. The braves of the five Iroquois tribes take part in a variety of events, featuring running, jumping and throwing.  This year’s edition was one of

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The Many Painful Faces of the Tribal Tug!

    The Cayuga, the only winless team heading into Tuesday night’s action, reversed that trend in a big way, as the girls went undefeated to win their competition, and the boys finished tied for first in theirs. SEE COMPLETE RESULTS HERE The Cayuga wins, coupled with

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Pok-O Rolas

    In what one longtime observer remarked were the “best played, closest fought matches in memory”, the braves from Pok-O-Moonshine’s five tribes competed Tuesday afternoon in Iroquois Nations Rolas— the oldest game known to man. The round robin tournament came down to two teams with chasing history:  The

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The Great Journey

Held the afternoon of the opening day of Tribal Games, the Great Journey takes the MacCready braves on a trip around Pok-O-MacCready property, testing their speed, while they perform a set of challenges ranging from barrel rolling to tennis ball hitting. The Seneca crossed the finish line (or, more to

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The World’s Most Complicated Game

    Words cannot come close to describing what exactly is the Great Tribal Pathfinding, Skulking, Scavenging, Foraging and Storytelling Game, aka The World’s Most Complicated Game. In fact, pictures barely do the craziness and complexity of this game justice.  But here are a few images from

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Camper Stampede! (Video)

What a way to start Tribal Games:  With 100+ braves of the Iroquois Nation racing for the woods, in an attempt to uncover foraging items, bow strings, scavenger items and pathfinding clues.  Tuesday morning’s World’s Most Complicated Game officials kicked off two full days of competition! (See

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2016 Tribal Team Photos


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Unburied Hatchet

    The tribes are once again at battle! Monday night’s council officially kicked off tribal days.  While four events have already been staged, the real competition now begins, with eight contests scheduled over the next 40 hours. At the council fire, the game’s coordinators outlined the

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Ask the Campers

What do you want to do in the final week at camp that you have not done enough of yet?

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Completing the Climbs!

C.I.T. camper Sydney became Pok-O-MacCready’s 390th recorded Adirondack 46er Sunday, when she reached the summit of Wright Peak, at 1:12pm.  She was joined by fellow campers, a few friends, and her family. “The whole day was great because it was nice to be with good friends and

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Trotting, Cantering and Jumping

    The summer’s first competitive horse show featured 23 Pok-O-MacCready boys and girls, along with guest equestrians from the outside world. “I was so proud of everyone,” said long-time camp riding director Sue Bagli.  “Especially those kids that rode in their first show ever.  Kylor and

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Quick Camp Tour (video)

It was bound to happen:  The drones have come to Pok-O! This piece of sped-up footage shows a quick flight from the MacCready ballfield, down to the boat dock, courtesy of Damien’s newly arrived drone.

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Room Full of Smiles and Laughs

    Upon their return from the visiting day excursions, campers were ushered into Robinson Hall for the 112th annual Pok-O-MacCready counselor play. The plot, tunes, and characters may change a bit from year to year, but the result is always the same:  Campers quickly get back

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