Four Score and Seven Years Ago…

EJD_1533The smell of flour was in the air, as “Generals” sent campers running down (and up) the dining hall Hill in yesterday’s “Blue & Grey Game”.  “Cities” were arranged all around lower camp to simulate a Civil War inspired capture-the-flag game, while campers where divided into the Union and Confederate armies.  The goal is to capture the most cities (flags) in three rounds of play.

“I really liked the first round of the game.  It was super fun, and I spent most of the time guarding flags in the cities.” said Kendall.

EJD_1546Molly S. reported:  “It was really fun to just run around and throw stuff at people.”  She’s  right: although some campers try to strategize, it’s really just about getting out there, being bold, and having fun with it, as things can get confusing real fast (especially with so many components of the game including flanks, strongholds, barricades, and jails.)

Some campers, like Romir,  weren’t fazed by the complexity of the game.  He says, “This kind of game was different than other games I’ve played before, but I got the hang out it pretty easily.  The best part is when your team takes over a city.”

Unlike real battles, the Blue & Grey game is sometimes best played without a clear-cut strategy.  “I think we (the Confederates) won because our team was more aggressive…although it’s sort of hard to tell EJD_1755what’s happening most of the time…it can get confusing with ownership of the cities changing hands so quickly.” said Sasha Mc.

The Confederate army, at least in yesterday’s version of history, won the game, with 169,300 points.  The Union put up a strong fight, ending with 128,750 points.

The war has ended….and after a few handshakes and high-fives, campers promptly returned to the camp life of free swim, chicken patties, and tie-dye t-shirts.

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