Tests, Checks and Fairs

Along with the fun of opening day (meeting new friends… moving into your cabin… the first activities) comes the business of opening day.

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The nurse checks are an important part of arriving at camp.  “I’m a little heavy from sitting around (the first half of) this summer,” admitted Jackson, who hopes to drop some pounds at Pok-O.

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The main purpose of the swim test is twofold:  To determine what instruction the camper needs, if any, and to pass a series of distance swims to become eligible to use the camp boats.

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Most fun, is the activity fair.  That’s where the new campers learn their choices of daily class periods.  Full-season campers assisted counselors in presenting the 25+ options.  All campers signed up for classes, which begin tomorrow for the girls, Thursday for the boys. “I’m sticking mostly with the ones from last year,” said Henry, “although I signed up for Native American lore, because it sounds cool.”


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