And so we begin…. again! (Updated)

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16_3wkarrive18The second session of camp – the three-week session – officially began Tuesday with the arrival, by car, van and flight, of incoming campers. “I’m a little teary-eyed, but he seems just fine,” said April, a former counselor who is dropping of her son for the first time.

But more important than how the grownups feel, is what the kids think about being at camp.

“Of course I’m excited to be back,” said Natalia.  I liked the activities I did last year because they were so fun.  But I hope I pass the swimming test because the lake is real cold!”

Chase remarked that he’s “excited to be back.  I’m looking forward to the activities in the Advanced Section.”

As for showing up mid-summer, Chase added that he was made to feel welcome by the section comprised of all 7-weekers, other than himself. And Sarah remarked that “It’s a little weird coming now, but I remember some people from last year.”16_3wkarrive13

How about those coming to Pok-O-MacCready for the first time?  Trevor says “The best thing so far was free play time.  I haven’t made friends yet… but I’m going to!”

While Trevor is optimistic, Caden has a more pragmatic take on things: “Well, I’m a little nervous but mostly excited.  It feels great to be here.  Maybe there will be homesickness for a few days, but as I get used to the activities, I’ll get more into camp and start to get more friends.”


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