Recognizing the Four-Weekers

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The Camp Pok-O-Moonshine Session #1 banquet was held Friday evening in Robinson Hall. 16_boysbanquet4wk04 Awards were given to most every camper; In fact, all departing four-seekers received a years-of-service award, at the very least.  Advanced Section member Kevin Q represented the most tenured departing camper, earning his eighth year pack basket award.

The passing out of awards and recognition reached it’s climax with the announcement of the 2016 Honor Campers (click READ MORE link, below, to see all winners).  Silas was given this special distinction for the Advanced Section.  “I was really excited because it’s one thing to have counselors recognize you, but it’s another to be picked by the people around you.  I am really honored that guys I spent the past two years with selected me.”

2016 Pok-O-Moonshine Session #1 Honor Campers

2016 Pok-O-Moonshine Session #1 Honor Campers

PIONEER Key Sawyer
INTERMEDIATE Isaiah, Jacob T. Andrew B.
SENIOR Christopher L, Kevin M. Matteo

It was a big night for Intermediate camper Andrew B, who won an award in Mt. bike class, took the hiking award for most trip points, and culminated the award ceremony by being named Honor Camper.  “I really try my best to be a good leader and set a good example, and I was glad people noticed me.”

Andrew was also quick to deflect the attention:  “I was really happy when I won Honor Camper, but it was more fun seeing all of the things everyone else won, and the awards that the counselors made!”

The awards program was preceded by a banquet meal of chicken codon bleu, mixed vegetables, rice, and brownie sundaes.  Saturday night, the final night of the session, will feature the camp play, and a slide show.


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