Ask the Campers

What is your favorite food at camp?

Thomas:  "Chicken Patties"

Thomas: “Chicken Patties”

Tess:  "French toast sticks"

Tess: “French toast sticks”

Tor:  "All the food"

Tor: “All the food”

Tamarin:  "Waffles"

Tamarin: “Waffles”

Wyatt:  "Pizza"

Wyatt: “Pizza”

Gabby:  "Brownies"

Gabby: “Brownies”

Hunter:  "Burgers"

Hunter: “Burgers”

Anna:  "French toast"

Anna: “French toast”

Papouto:  "Tacos"

Papouto: “Tacos”

Bridget:  "Spaghetti and meatballs"

Bridget: “Spaghetti and meatballs”

Kelly:  "Milk shakes"

Kelly: “Milk shakes”

Zoe:  "Pizza"

Zoe: “Pizza”

Camden:  "Any meal"

Camden: “Any meal”

Sarah:  "McDrews"

Sarah: “McDrews” 



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