16_flourhawk17Pok-O-MacCready’s oldest tribal contest – dating back to 1955 – is the flour hawk game.  The tribes of the Iroquois nation were divided into five territories, and over the course of three games, socks were flying, prisoners were caught, and flags were captured.

With the outcome of Tribal Games at stake, and no clear front runner in the standings, treaties were fleeting and ill-advised, as the nations did16_flourhawk06 their best to gain points for themselves.  In the end, the Tuscarora domination in the final two games led them to a comfortable win in the event.  The Mohawk needed to finish first or second to clinch the tribal Games title, or hope for help from the other tribes.  Neither happened, as they ended up fourth in the game and a close second in the overall standings.

Below are just a few pictures from Wednesday’s flour hawk game.  Many more are coming soon to our ONLINE GALLERY.


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