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16_parents12… and grandparents, relatives, alumni and friends!  Saturday marked visiting day for the first session at Pok-O-MacCready.  What MacCready director Melissa Livsey calls “Day off for the campers” was a day of fun, socializing, good food, shopping, movies, recreation and a buffet picnic lunch at camp.  Here are just a few of the diverse activities, as reported by the kids:

Ethan:  “We stayed at camp and I showed my parents my bunk.  Then we went to the mall where I saw The Secret Life of Pets, ate popcorn and candy, and got some new stuff.”

Kylor:  “We played tetherball and I showed my parents my activities.  We swam in Lake16_parents11 Champlain, which is colder than Long Pond, and had a nice dinner.”

Lucia:  “We went to see Finding Dory— it was really good.  We also went to Target and Subway.  It was a nice break but I missed camp!”

Ben:  “My grandparents brought my cousins.  We went to their cabin, and went to Ethel’s for ice cream.”

Victoria:  “It was nice to see my parents.  I jumped out of my seat when I saw my mom.  We went to see a movie, and bought some shorts.  I was happy to go out but I missed camp.”

Jerry:  “It was awesome!  There was an arcade, a movie (also Finding Dory), which I would recommend.  Also, I ate 99-cent nachos:  cheap and good.”

Martin B:  “Secret Life of Pets… Subway sandwich… arcade”

And lest we forget the parents!  “It was spectacular,” raved Danielle.  “It was so great being back at Pok-O 30 years after my last year as a camper!”




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