Blacksmithing at Camp

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What could be better than hanging out in the hot sun during a sweltering camp afternoon.  Well, for some campers, the answer is hanging out in the hot Blacksmith shoppe, standing next to, and working with, a blazing hot fire.

Truly one of Pok-O-MaCready unique programs, blacksmithing is an extension of the camp’s popular 1812 Homestead.  Closely supervised, and following instruction in both construction and safety, campers are free to engineer metal products of their choosing.

“I like everything about it,” raves Logan.  “I get to make things instead of buying things.  Today, I finished a turtle.  In the next class I’m going to make a bracelet.”

“You not only make things, but you learn how to become good, plus you learn about all of the16_blacksmith02 materials,” adds Max, a veteran of the class.

Closely supervised by camp’s own Smithy, Peter Mayer, kids really have no limit on the variety of things they can shape from a piece of metal.  Maddie C states that “Well, I think it’s cool that you can take a strip of metal, work on it, and it becomes something.  I’m working on a wrench now.”

“It’s a skill that takes time to get good at,” says Ireland, in her second summer in the class.  “But I like working with metal.  I’ve made some metal hearts fro my sisters; they look really nice.”

The blacksmith shoppe will be open to guests Saturday for camp’s visiting day.



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