“Words of Hike”

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At this past Sunday evening all camp service, senior boy’s campers Lucien and Liam read this original passage, dealing with their thoughts, and advice, regarding camp hikes:

1.  If you’re feeling tired your group will push you the extra mile to finishhike3

2.  Even at your lowest points, the peak is in sight

3.  There’s nothing like the feeling on the summit

4.  When you’re tired after a long hike, just sing

5.  Never say “I can’t”.  If you say “I will”, the top is only a step away

6.  Whether it be Marshall or Rattlesnake, never stop having conversations.  Speaking, or conversing, is what makes a hike a hike

7.  It does not matter if you think someone is slow.  You reach the van, and home, as a team.  So believe in each other.



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