Pok-O vs. Pok-O on the Soccer Pitch

16_IntraSocc01   16_IntraSocc03

16_IntraSocc04Due to unforeseen circumstances, many of the scheduled inter-camp sports competitions with North Country Camps have either been cancelled or postponed.

In the meantime, rather than sitting idle, Pok-O-MacCready’s athletes are creating their own events.  Tuesday afternoon, the boy’s soccer players gathered for a spirited intra-camp game.  Veteran soccer player Papouto explains:

“Each team was made up of kids from ADV, Senior, Intermediate and Pio (all four sections).  We played hard, but we had fun!  A lot of different people scored and the game ended with a score of 9-9.”

Despite the lack of rivals from another camp, Papouto said, “we all tried our best, but it was a bit more relaxing with each other.”


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