Ask the Campers

Where is your favorite place at camp?

Eliza:  “Boat docks”

Eliza: “Boat docks”

Marin:  “Dining Hall”

Marin: “Dining Hall”

Jenna:  “C.I.T. porch”

Jenna: “C.I.T. porch”

Sawyer:  “Hockey rink”

Sawyer: “Hockey rink”

Almudena:  “The lake”

Almudena: “The lake”

Joseph:  “Intermediate Point”

Joseph: “Intermediate Point”

Faye:  “My cabin”

Faye: “My cabin”

Henry:  “The Blob”

Henry: “The Blob”

Sasha:  “Boat docks”

Sasha: “Boat docks”

Logan:  “The Blacksmith forge”

Logan: “The Blacksmith forge”

Tess:  “Boat docks”

Tess: “Boat docks”

Josh:  “Rusty’s porch”

Josh: “Rusty’s porch”

Lucia:  “Hammock circle in Senior”

Lucia: “Hammock circle in Senior”

Parker:  “The docks”

Parker: “The docks”

Pixie:  “Intermediate point”

Pixie: “Intermediate point”

Marc-Anthony:  “Sailing dock”

Marc-Anthony: “Sailing dock”

Kate:  “C.I.T. Lodge”

Kate: “C.I.T. Lodge”

Zach:  “The Homestead, or hockey rink”

Zach: “The Homestead, or hockey rink”


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