Fun Equestrian Challenges

16_Gymkhana02In the aftermath of the cancellation of the summer’s first competitive horse show, the riding staff on Monday put together an Intra-camp competition.  Gymkhana games are designed to take some of the cut throat competition out of horse events, while keeping them fun and challenging.

“We had to follow a course and drop balls in a bucket,” said Sierra, one of Pok-O-MacCready’s more experienced riders, who was doing Gymkhana for the first time.  “We would drop balls into a bucket, and would get points and be timed.  It was kind of tough, but not that much, and it was fun!”

Each riding class period was divided into teams.  Alexx was on the Bay Chestnuts.  “Our team16_Gymkhana08 won, and it was really fun because we got to work on turning and control.”

“It was fun, but my horse kept stopping,” said Ruby.  “I’m not sure if this was the horse’s fault, or mine, or both.”

Aside from having fun and competition, the young riders were also learning skills.  “It was fun learning how to control well,” said Eliza.  “I didn’t really jump, but I learned how I was supposed to do it!”


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