Hiking Camp with a Hockey Tradition


The Senior Hockey League, or S.H.L. has been in existence at Pok-O-MacCready since 1990.  16shl04Not that long when you consider the century+ tradition of hiking, archery, riding and other sports.

Still, the intensity of the SHL has earned it a special place, at least among older boys.  “Kids that have been at camp for years, in younger sections, look forward to becoming a Senior so that they can play in the SHL,” boasts Dylan Bronstein, long-time Senior section camper, counselor and section head.  “And all kids, be it new or returning, get swept up in the tradition.”

“Not many camps have this level of rink,” said first year camper Jake H.  And he should know;

Jake has been playing competitive hockey for years, even at specialized hockey camps, but16shl02 says “It’s just as competitive here, then it is at most camps.”

As of Friday, Jake led the league with eight goals, with several players tied for second, with three.  One of them is Wyatt who, unlike Jake, has never played the sport.  “I thought I’d be really bad because I’d never played before.  But, it’s really fun!  You get to play with friends and you get to score and play defense.”

The 2016 SHL has six teams*, each coached by a section counselor.  Round robin play continues for another week, with every team then seeded for the playoffs.  The league champions earn both a T-shirt, plus the right to have their names placed on the coveted Coupe Colonel Cup.

* Tonic’s Truckers; CTX; The Brexit; Icy Hot Corn Starch; Banned For Life; The Curse


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