Tribal Meetings


Thursday night was Tribal Meeting night for the five Iroquois nations.  Following a full camp meeting at Intermediate point, the tribes separated to hold elections.  Each tribe selected a 16tribinit11Chief, Sachem, assistants, and Medicine Man and Woman.  (SEE FULL RESULTS HERE)

For the two-time defending Tuscarora, history is on the line:  No tribe has ever won three consecutive overall titles.  “I think it’s gonna be extremely hard to win again,” remarked new Chief Sean T, who takes over for his cousin, who led the Tuscys to victory the past two years.  “But I think we can pull it off– if not this year then next year, because we have such great support.”  Incidentally, Sean was elected Chief exactly 35 years after his father was the winning Chief for the Tuscarora.

“I think that since we’ve won for two years, many expect us to win,” said new Tuscarora Sachem Anika B.  “I would be happy to win, but I think I – and everyone else – would also be happy to see the Mohawk win.”

Ah yes, the Mohawk.  They have history on the line as well.  Dubious history.  13 years without16tribinit09 a title.  They will look to their leaders.  “They chose us because we know what we’re doing,” new sachem Abbi said of her election win.  “Now we need to prove it, but we also need to have fun.”

Added Abbi of her position as Sachem, “We need to be more of a team.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what person’s name is on the (winning) plaque, just as long as it says ‘Mohawk’!”

In addition to the elections, each new brave was formally initiated into his or her tribe. “It wasn’t bad, said Hunter, also of the Tuscarora.  “We all dunked our head in the water; it was warm and we all jumped in afterward.”

Tribal games continue with two events this weekend.  SEE PHOTOS OF ALL TRIBAL OFFICERS

Here’s a quick video of the “grueling” initiation, followed by a few more pics from tribal meetings:


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