Games With a Twist

16Section7-7_10One of the cool things about camp is the creativity of the staff, along with a group of campers who will go along with any crazy idea.

During Wednesday night’s section activities, there was a lot of imagination showcased.  Instead of just boating, the Senior girls used the boats as surfboards and paddle boards. “Very chill,” remarked Ashley.

Instead of soccer, the Intermediate boys played four goal / 2 ball soccer, where the action was non-stop.  In a related story, the Pioneers played an age old camp hybrid:  Sockey!

Making it’s Pok-O-MacCready debut this week was Ultimate Rugby, played by the Highlanders
Tuesday and, the following night, by the C.I.T.’s.  “It was wild— lots of fun,” said Clarisse.

From the opening cartwheel, to the goal scoring high-fives, this video displays high energy, fast-paced action involving everyone!

“The level of intensity was at it’s highest,” concluded Emma.  See a few more pics from Wednesday’s activities in the mini gallery below, and see many more high-quality images at our online gallery.


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