Opening Moonshiner

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The summer’s first Moonshiner was held Monday evening on the Nevin Whiteley Memorial Stage at Robinson Hall.

A camp Moonshiner is a skit night, with acts ranging from comedy, to music, to satire and parody.  Every section, though not required, was represented in the acts.

Standing out amongst the wide array of talent were the Lodge girls, who created an original skit DSC_0600about bullying.  “The girls came up with everything themselves,” counselor Katie Mahoney said of MacCready’s youngest group.  “We couldn’t believe how good it was!”

Noah G brought down the house with his rap duel with Jacob Gittler, performing as Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.  “I know the whole soundtrack from listening to it in the car,” said Noah.

Most agreed that the star of the night was Sophie B, who sang a solo, unaccompanied version  “Fly Me To the Moon”.  “It was incredible,” said, well, basically everyone.

Lots of pics in the gallery, below:


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