Calling Your Camper… starting today!


One of the great parts about camp is the break from technology that the campers get!

But, that doesn’t mean we want to cut the kids off from the world altogether!

phonhomeWhile campers are not allowed to make phone calls, starting today Tuesday, July 5, kids can receive calls from their parents and family members.  Calling hours and numbers appear below.

Be forewarned: it will not be easy to reach your child, as there is only one line for each camp.  So, please be patient as well as respectful of the following policies:

Limit your call to two or three minutes

Please do not call more than once a week


Boys Camp (518) 963-7036                        Girls Camp (518) 963-8982

CALLING HOURS (both camps, every day):  12:45-1:40*

* As a backup, if you are not successful reaching your boy camper (busy signal, camper is on a hike, etc.), you may try during dinner hour (6:15-7:00) at 518-963-7036.



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Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

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