Blue Sky, Climb High

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All of Camp MacCready hit the Adirondack woods and water Sunday and, under perfect conditions, got to enjoy their first wilderness experience of the summer.

“It was really nice,” said Ruby, who climbed Rattlesnake Mountain.  “Especially on top, where we got to relax, read, eat and hang out with friends.”

A special treat for some of the girls was the ability to go on a hike up Catamount Mountain, co-led by camp Director Melissa Livsey and trip leader Jacob Gittler.  “It was steep at times, but the view was excellent,” said Caroline.  “Plus, it was fun to hike – and do riddles – with Melissa and Gittler.”

One of the more ambitious trips of the day went to remote Adirondack High Peaks Cliff & 16_girlsdayhikes07Redfield.  Due to time constraints, they were only able to climb one of the two mountains.  “We were bummed,” said Jaida and Tatym, who each now have 38 of the 46ers, “but we will go back and do (Redfield) sometime.”

Sydney, who leads all campers with 39 46ers put an even more patient and positive spin on things:  “It’s OK.  I’ll get around to doing the rest!”

While the Cliif Mt. hike involved nearly 18 miles of hiking, other trips were more tame.  “We went across the lake and relaxed at Indian Rock.  We had bagels with cream cheese,” said Alli, who was on the Long Pond Adventure.  “It was good, but maybe next time I’d like to do a mountain hike.”  (See full list of trips HERE)


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