American Independence

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Conditions were perfect for a war on Saturday afternoon, as the British, Americans, and Pirates clashed on land and sea, at the 112th annual Pok-O-MacCready Revolutionary War.

In what game coordinator Caleb Balderston called, “..the most exciting Rev. War I remember”, the British dominated game #1, capturing every city.  The USA came back just as fiercely in game two. The third and final game was closely contested; cities changed hands, leads kept changing and even the Pirates displayed their presence. (Click Read More for quotes and pics)

In the end, The USA won the war; surprisingly, the Pirates ended second, just ahead Britain.

The British have retreated back to the motherland (presumably to wage new wars with the EU); the Pirates have sailed out to sea, while America remains the lad of the free and home of the brave.

The Revolutionary War– in three words:

Nikolai:  “Active and running”  16RevWar16

Logan:  “Fun; always changing”

Remi:  “Flour hawks hurt!”

Nate:  “What a game!”

Adrian:  “Like flour hawks”

Abbi:  “It was fun”

Martin:  “Run, run, run”

Gwen:  “It’s very competitive”16RevWar03

Sam:  “It was amazing!”

Sienna:  “Thrilling and memorable”

Will:  “Throwing flour hawks”

Eliza:  Exciting, fun, tiring”

See gallery below, and dozens of more photos are coming soon to our ONLINE GALLERY.

CLICK HERE to see some video clips of the war!


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