Year of the Mohawk?

Like all of Tribal Games, Thursday’s Great Iroquois Boy’s Track Meet was as much about psyche, as it was about competition, as the following gallery of each tribe will attest:

But, of course, there were also the events.  A total of ten contests, plus a tribal cheer.

“I liked all of them,” said Niccolo, of the Onondaga,16trackmeet18 but maybe my favorite was Dizzy Bat; I thought it was really funny!”

Andrew S, of the Tuscarora, went with “The Cracker and Whistle.  It was a fun challenge, physically.  Last year, I didn’t know how to whistle.  This year, I did it!

The track meet was won by the Mohawk, as the tribe in red is attempting to snap a 13-year winless streak.  The Onondaga, originally announced as the winners as part of a scoring error, ended up second. (results HERE)

Among the camper’s other favorite events:16trackmeet05

Liam and Isaiah:  “The Cracker, Whistle and Pudding”

Abe and Seigo:  “The Shoe Scramble”

Cole:  “Leap Frog”

Patricius:  “They were all challenging, but funny!”

See gallery below, and CLICK HERE for some videos of yesterday’s track meet.


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