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Classes began Wednesday morning at both the boy’s and girl’s camps.  There are two co-ed periods each morning, followed by a third period for boys.  Then, in the afternoon, the girls get two additional classes while the boys take part in section activities.

There’s lots to choose from and the selection process can be overwhelming for new campers; it’s even challenging for the returning ones.  Tamarin is in her third year and still eager to take new classes.  “I’m doing Blacksmithing for the first time today.  I’m very excited.”

“I never took archery,” said Jacob T.  “It was pretty cool!  I hit the target one time, the black 16firstclass06spot.  I hope to get to the 30-year line.”

“I’m taking two new classes.  Hockey was fun— everyone should play it!,” raved Gwen, who is also taking sailing for the first time.  She says her goal is simple:  “to learn how to sail.”

While the kids have a full summer session to learn, play, create and develop, the first day of classes is generally about covering the basics.   “I took volleyball, Ultimate (Frisbee) and Blacksmithing,” reported Santiago.  “The first day was more like introduction, getting to know the teacher, the safety and the other people in your class.”

As the campers have a few days to make changes to their schedule, we will hold off on posting the list until the end of the week.

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