Ask the (Returning) Campers

What are you most looking forward to doing at camp?
(Clearly hiking and Tribal Games are a big hit with the kids!)

Maya:  "Tribal games"

Maya: “Tribal games”

Sasha:  “Hiking”

Sasha: “Hiking”

Gillian:  “Hiking”

Gillian: “Hiking”

John:  “Pottery”

John: “Pottery”

Leah:  “Spending the summer with my siblings”

Leah: “Spending the summer with my siblings”

David:  “Rev. War”

David: “Rev. War”

Tori:  “Tribal games”

Tori: “Tribal games

Dan:  “Tribal Days”

Dan: “Tribal Days”

Aryanna:  “Hiking”

Aryanna: “Hiking”

Sam:  “Tribal games”

Sam: “Tribal games”

Jenna:  “Classes”

Jenna: “Classes”

James:  “Sailing around Long Pond”

James: “Sailing around Long Pond”



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