Wild Field Relays

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Tuesday morning, the girls at Camp MacCready gathered for the 50th annual Field Relays.  The emphasis on the event was more about fun and craziness, then it is about speed, skill and competition.16fieldrelays_02

The purpose of the event is two-fold:  To gauge the abilities and spirit of new campers, in
preparation for upcoming Tribal Days, as well as have a fun, goofy, break-the-ice early season all-camp game.Among the events:  Pass the Orange, Dizzy Bat, Water Relay,  Moby Dick,Telephone, Rock-Tree-Bridge.  The kids favorites:

Kiki:  “Moby Dick…it was fun to run around in flippers!”

Faye:  “Dizzy Bat…it was really funny to watch.  I almost fell over when I did it.  My face was inches from the ground when I was running back to my team.”Lula:  “Rock, Tree, Bridge…I was on the Stripes team…and we won 1st Place!”

Check out the mini gallery below, and you can find dozens of other photos at our ONLINE GALLERY


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