Ask the (new) Campers

What are you most looking forward to doing at camp?

Kassa- "Hiking"

Kassa- “Hiking”

Elodie- "Doing the activities"

Elodie- “Doing the activities”

Luis- "The Revolutionary War"Luis- “The Revolutionary War”

Elly- "Making new friends"

Elly- “Making new friends”

Thomas- "The Rev. War"

Thomas- “The Rev. War”

Lucia-  "Blacksmithing and fishing"

Lucia- “Blacksmithing and fishing”

Seigo- "Starting classes"

Seigo- “Starting classes”

Shea- "Meeting new friends"

Shea- “Meeting new friends”

Charlie- "Tribal Games"

Charlie- “Tribal Games”

Kylor- "Hiking"

Kylor- “Hiking”

Lula- "Classes"

Lula- “Classes”

Piero- "Swimming"

Piero- “Swimming”

Josie- "Having fun at camp!"

Josie- “Having fun at camp!”


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