Hugs for Everyone! (Gallery)

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The return to camp means lots of things- from swimming to riding to games – but, more than anything else, it means a reunion with your close friends.

Campers arrived Sunday by bus, car and plane.  While they were sad to leave their families behind, there are thrilled to be back at Pok-O-MacCready.

“I’m, excited,” said Kevin, in his eighth year as camper.  “After all of these years, it’s an easy transition (from home to camp); it’s like second nature being here.”…

“I’m so happy to be back,” exclaimed 16-year old Caroline, who is in her final 7th and16_arrival_14 final year as a camper.  Aside from the good times, Caroline has an incentive;  if she stays all seven weeks, plus ski week in December, she will total 52 weeks – one full year – in her camper career.  “I’ve been promised a chair in the dining hall with my name on it if I can do it.”

On the other end of the camper spectrum is Adam, who is spending his first day at camp, having traveled from Israel.  “I’m not at all nervous,” he said, “and I’m most excited about doing Blacksmith and Archery, two things they don’t do much of where I live.  So a full month here sounds pretty good!”


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