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Ask the (Returning) Campers

What are you most looking forward to doing at camp? (Clearly hiking and Tribal Games are a big hit with the kids!)

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Tribe Time

   Pok-O-MacCready biggest event – in terms of passion and intensity – for the first session is undoubtedly Tribal Games. Wednesday night’s opening council kicked off the 2016 event.  The five nations entered the council along with all of the new braves (first-year campers) who were eager

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Classy Camp

   Classes began Wednesday morning at both the boy’s and girl’s camps.  There are two co-ed periods each morning, followed by a third period for boys.  Then, in the afternoon, the girls get two additional classes while the boys take part in section activities. There’s lots to

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Adirondack Experience

Pok-O-MacCready’s famous wilderness program kicked off Tuesday, with every boy assigned to a hike in the Adirondacks.  For some, it was a first ever taste of the beautiful northern New York wilderness. “It was really good,” said Martin, from France, who was on the climb up Mt.

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Wild Field Relays

    Tuesday morning, the girls at Camp MacCready gathered for the 50th annual Field Relays.  The emphasis on the event was more about fun and craziness, then it is about speed, skill and competition. The purpose of the event is two-fold:  To gauge the abilities and spirit

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Ask the (new) Campers

What are you most looking forward to doing at camp? Luis- “The Revolutionary War”

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Sectioning Off

While camp is renowned for it’s big games, wilderness and riding programs, and instructional class activities, the kids have as much fun in the more intimate, always creative section activities. Restricted solely to their own peers, sections put on a wide array of activities.  Last night’s opening section games

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Head for the HIlls

   The group of eager hikers in the left photo are getting set to climb Hurricane Mountain.  Every Pok-O-Moonshine boy is out of camp today; for some new campers, it’s their first taste of the impressive Adirondack wilderness.  Last night, the Advanced Section got a jump on things,

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Everyone Join in on The Camp Song

Our first video has been posted– appropriately, it’s of the entire camp family singing the camp song at Sunday’s opening night assembly.  Look for videos throughout the camp season at our special video page!  

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Taking Care of Business

The first full day of camp usually means a full list of tests, checks, auditions and orientation– all stuff to get the camper ready to take part in activities. Everyone took part in an activity fair, where they learned about the 30+ daily offerings, ranging from archery

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Sunday Fun Day

  Opening night of the 2016 camp season brought out the hams in the Pok-O staff, as the counselors, specialists, nurses and heads of camp put on orientation skits for the campers. Among the topics presented were:  healthy habits, hiking & riding, and camp rules. The assembly

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Parent’s Day – Three Weeks Early

Opening day is about the arrival of the kids, yet parents are the first to admit, coming to Pok-O-MacCready is fun for them too! “A little surreal,” said Shunsaku, former camper, counselor and section head who has a child coming to camp for the first time. In

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Hugs for Everyone! (Gallery)

    The return to camp means lots of things- from swimming to riding to games – but, more than anything else, it means a reunion with your close friends. Campers arrived Sunday by bus, car and plane.  While they were sad to leave their families behind,

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Here They Come!

    The busses departed New York early this morning, bound for the great, cool (90 degrees) Adirondacks. Meantime, parents are dropping their kids off at camp (First arrival:  7:30am!), marking the official opening of Summer 2016!  More pics from camp arrivals coming later today!    

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Ask the Section Heads

What’s your message to your incoming campers?

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