Boys Banquet & Honors

15_boysbanquet18The boys banquet was held Thursday night.  Served by the C.I.T.’s the meal was high class, with grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, roasted potatoes and cheesecake.

For the awards section of the night, recognition was given for class areas, wilderness participation, and years of service to camp.  It was a big night for 16-year old camper Jacob F, who won the Joe Stern Memorial Award for his nine years of service, along with his first ever honor camper award.  “It really feels good because it’s like a really big honor to be recognized by my peers, and it really means a lot and I really appreciate it a lot.”

The Pok-O “P” is given out by the counselors to the boys who, in their mind, best exemplify the ideal camper (below, left).  The Honor Camper is voted on by the campers themselves. Click the read more link to see more pictures, and a list of the top recipients.

2015 Session #2 Honor Campers:  Jonas, Matteo, George & Jacob

2015 Session #2 Honor Campers: Jonas, Matteo, George & Jacob


PIONEER Rowan Jonas
INTERMEDIATE Wyatt L, Sean T Matteo
SENIOR Walker, Dean George M

“I was surprised, and it feels really good,” was Matteo’s reaction to receiving the honor camper.  For Jacob, it was the culmination of a long camper career, which totaled over a full year in cumulative attendance at Pok-O.  “It feels really weird; it doesn’t feel real.  I can’t believe I’m not going to be a camper anymore.”


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