Patches, Paddles and Hugs

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No one knows for sure which there were more of:  awards, or hugs!

The Camp MacCready 3-weeker banquet was held Wednesday night in Robinson Hall.  Following a toast, and a feast of chicken, Brocoli and seasoned potatoes, and a cheesecake dessert, the remainder of the evening was dedicated to recognizing the campers.

As always, awards were given out in class areas, wilderness, and riding, with Sophi P getting the highest prize for riding:  The Unicorn award. “I really wanted to win this, but I was totally surprised, and I’m really excited.”

All departing campers received “Years at MacCready” awards, ranging from patches and pins up to paddles and pack baskets.  Lucy M, of the C.I.T. section, was given a thunderous ovation to mark her tenth year as a camper.

Click the read more link to see who won MacCready M (the staff choice for camper excellence), and the Honor Camper, chosen by their peers.

2015 Camp MacCready Session #2 Honor Campers

2015 Camp MacCready Session #2 Honor Campers

LODGE Melanie Olivia T
INTERMEDIATE Annie C, Nora W Annie C
SENIOR Maddie C, Cara F Maddie C
C.I.T. Caroline Ka’man (CIT sheet)

The night was especially memorable for Senior camper Maddie C, who not only won the MacCready “M” and Honor Camper, but the “most enthusiastic rider” award.  “I wasn’t expecting any of these.  I really don’t know what to say other than I’m really happy.”

The evening ended with a beautiful candlelight sing-a-long, which can be seen HERE.  The boys banquet is scheduled for Thursday evening.


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