The Trojan War

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Competition for the 2015 Greek Games championship officially began Monday evening with the Trojan War.  The event is a modified version of camp’s popular Black Line game, which itself is derived from dodgeball.  Here are the reviews from a few participants:

I thought it was fun, it was interesting.  I had a lot of fun playing with the team, and we got to know each other better, so I enjoyed that.  I also got hit a lot!”   – Asa (Argos)

It was pretty fun, and it was a little bit annoying that the noodles, aka spears, didn’t fly well.  But I did throw balls and I hit a few people.”   Ricky (Troy)

Trojan War was pretty good.  I was the last person in one of the games.  I think our team was really aggressive.”   Henry (Argos)

I thought it was really awesome and fun, and it was really competitive.  We tried out hardest.  I think we might have won, but we tried our hardest and that’s all that really matters.”  – Olivia P (Sparta)

Sparta did, in fact, win the Trojan War.  Competition concludes Tuesday, with rain expected for The Odyssey, and The Peloponessian War.  (See rosters and full results HERE)

Plenty more pics in the gallery below (also, see Photo of the Day).


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