O Brother Where Art Thou?

By hook or by crook this peril too shall be something that we remember  -Homer


As was the case with the Coen brothers movie, or Homer’s epic, Pok-O-MacCready’s Odyssey 15_odyssey07was a long search for a home reunion, with obstacles on land and sea, rough weather, tough challenges and mighty distances covered.

Here’s what the greek warriors had to say about The Odyssey, the second of the three contests deciding the 2015 Greek Games championship:

I think it was pretty good.  We came in first overall but our scouts were the last ones back.  I ran, and we got reunited with the younger kids pretty fast, but I’m not are how we did in the end.”  –Jaida (Athens)

One part that was difficult was when we couldn’t speak, but we had to line up by birthday:  day, month and year.  We had to use our fingers which was fun, but was difficult.  It was also a challenge when you had to take a spoon and move it from one water bucket to another.”  –15_odyssey05Maggie (Argos)

It was really fun.  We had to use a lot of teamwork because the obstacle, the human knot, takes awhile to do. It’s really hard”  –Bryn (Athens)

It was really fun.  I liked solving the mysteries and doing the activities.”  Matteo (Troy)

Check out the latest results, with one event remaining.  The Peloponessian War is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.



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