Ask the Campers (8/10)

What new camp activity do you still want to do in the final week?

Jack:  "Try a new class, maybe music"

Jack: “Try a new class, maybe music”

Madde:  "Catch a fish"

Maddie: “Catch a fish”

Carter: “Get my Pok-O Patch”

Elizabeth:  "Boating"

Elizabeth: “Boating” 

Alberto:  "Greek Games"

Alberto: “Greek Games”


Sophie: “Rock Climbing”

Abe:  "Crazy Clubs"

Abe: “Crazy Clubs”

Chloe:  Water skiing"

Chloe: Water skiing”

Sterlin: “Predator game”

Kate:  "The banquet"

Kate: “The banquet”

Christian:  "See Sparta win"

Christian: “See Sparta win”

Maggie: “I’ve done everything I wanted!”



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