The Final Summit

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Getting to the top was great, running the final bit…. Also, the tunnel in the dining hall was fun.  15_adam4601In fact, the entire hike was fun, telling stories— some of them pretty funny!

So went the memorable day for Senior camper Adam, who finished his ADK 46ers Sunday morning on Skylight mountain.  Adam was joined by a group of section mates, along with three counselors on a gorgeous day atop New York’s fourth highest peak.

There was plenty of partying and the usual healthy celebration food.  “We had Chex Mix bold,” said Adam, “along with two things of Oreos, a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, Twizzlers, Starbursts and two bags of chips.”

Also, of course, the baby food.  “I think it was bananas.  It was actually pretty good; I didn’t 15_adam4603mind it at all.”

Adam began hiking in 2011, his first year at Pok-O-MacCready, but really kicked it into high gear last year.  “My sister finished, and I did like 20-25 mountains.  This summer, I made it a goal because I knew I was bound to finish,” said Adam, adding that he will continue to hike at camp.

Since 1955, 385 climbers have recorded finishing their 46ers.  Noah, who became a 46er last Friday, and Dean, who is out on the trail Monday in hopes of completing his 46, were both on Adam’s finish.

(See full list of camp forty-sixers HERE).


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