Along with fishing and hiking, there is…..

Swimming on Long Pond occurs in many forms ranging from lessons to fun; rope swings to trampolines.  Staff reporter Chris Brakey tells us more.

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Camp Pok-O-Moonshine has been around for quite some time – 111 years – but who’s counting?  What’s been around even longer is the iconic Long Pond.  Even in the Camp Song, 15_swimming01which is basically as old as time itself, one of the key activities of camp, along with fishing and hiking, is swimming.

Every year, campers arrive eagerly at camp, dropping their bags, meeting up with friends, and going right into swim tests.  Those who need improvement are put into swim class:  a period designed to build skills that campers will use their whole lives.

Waterfront director Caitlin Livsey explains that “the lake is a place where everyone can have fun, and there are so many of these fun elements on and around the water, that requireswim106 swimming to get to.”  One of these elements is the Pioneer Raft, Caitlin’s favorite.

Swimming is not exclusive to lessons, however.  Daily free swims allow campers to cool off after playing in the sun, and the Fun Swim class allows swimming veterans to just go out and have a good time on the water.

Campers can go off the diving board; play on the rope swing; and even play on the state-of-the-art, HyperBounce water trampoline.  “My favorite part of fun swim is the water trampoline,” says Max C, “because of The Blob!”

If you’re not swimming at camp, well… water you waiting for?


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