The Friends of Pok-O-Moonshine

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15_trailwork17Members of Pok-O’s Advanced Section went to work Wednesday for their annual day of trail duty on Mount Pok-O-Moonshine.

However, this year there was a twist, as the 15-16-year old boys were joined by an equal number of girls, of all ages.  “It was not a problem working alongside the guys…. ‘cuz we were stronger,” said Caroline, tongue in cheek, while Katya added, more seriously, “It was nice giving back to the trail!”

The trail work, performed for The Friends of Pok-O-Moonshine consisted mainly of keeping the newest of the two trails up the nearby mountain in dry condition.  “We were digging water bars on the back side of Pok-O,” reported Jacob F.  ” Mainly diagonal trenches up and down the trail to syphon the water.  It was pretty hard work, but fun too.”

Patrick Q enjoyed the project for both the work, and the recreation.  “We worked up the whole15_trailwork06 trail – two and a half miles – then relaxed on top.  It was a nice day.”

The youngest member of the work party, at just eight, Melanie enjoyed taking part.  “It was long, but fun because we got to use tools.”

And, aside from the satisfaction of performing a good deed, Sasha was able, on top of Pok-O, to complete her four Pok-O Patch mountains (Bare, Rattlesnake, Sugarloaf, Pok-O-Moonshine).  “It was a little difficult because we were hiking and making water ditches at the same time.  But it was also fun, and I’m getting my Pok-O Patch at the banquet!”



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