Two Staff 46ers

Geoffrey Livsey, 46er

Geoffrey Livsey, 46er

Congratulations to staff members Geoff Livsey and Cole Starkey for completing their Adirondack 46ers earlier today on separate mountains.

Geoff, the current assistant Headmaster of the boys camp, finished this morning on Tabletop.

Cole Starkey, 46er

Cole Starkey, 46er

Along with his parents and sisters, he is in a rare camp group of families that have seen all members become 46ers.

Cole, a three-time Patch Sprint champion and current camp maintenance man, put his athleticism to work on his final hike, as he climbed Panther Peak prior to completing the trip on Big Slide, a total of 22 miles hiking + three hours of driving for his marathon day!

Over the past 60 years, 382 camp members have recorded their completed 46er climbs. See a full camp list HERE.


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