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15_inspect09“Clean your room!”

How many times have parents made that request?  And how many times have kids tried to avoid it?

Somehow, at camp, the act of cleaning cabins and personal areas in a group setting is less a chore, and more an accepted responsibility.  “Im not sure it’s necessarily fun,” says Maddie A, “but it’s definitely good to keep your room clean.”

“It’s bad because it’s boring,” counters Owen who, at six, is the youngest camper at Pok-O.  “But,” he admits, “it’s good to clean up.”

Inspection takes place in the morning at both the boys and girls camps.  Campers are responsible for cleaning their own bunk areas while sharing in the cleaning of the cabin and 15_inspect02surrounding area.  Beds are made…. clothes are folded… floors are swept… wet clothes need to be put on the line, while dry ones need to come off.  And there is an incentive besides keeping the place neat.  “We have been getting mostly (scores of) nine’s,” reports Olivia T.  “If we can get some more 10’s, we can have a cabin party.”

Alejandro adds that he “likes to clean my cabin so I can earn points.”

“I think it’s important because the cabin needs to be clean,” volunteers Chloe J, who says that her favorite part of inspection is sweeping.

One of the best parts of inspection is not the daily process, but the lifelong lesson.  Many parents claim that their child never cleaned their room until they spent a summer at Pok-O-MacCready.  Sterlin, a camper in Intermediate, seems to have picked up on this important life concept:  “Inspection is necessary because kids need to learn how to pick up after themselves and be organized.”


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