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I had a lot of fun, mainly because everyone is in it for ‘friendly competition‘.”  – Piper

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Piper’s comments echo the sentiments of most Pok-O-MacCready riders who were excited to15_willowhill0206 travel to a horse show, see how they could perform, yet not place a huge priority in winning classes.

Campers took part in their third competitive show of the summer, the Ausable Valley Show at Willow Hill Farm and, make no mistake, despite the non-competitive mood, it’s still nice to win a ribbon.  “I like how we got to do our class three times,” said Asa, of the walk-trot division.  “And everyone won a ribbon,” added Asa, who’s best finish was second place.

15_willowhill0204Another benefit of horse shows is the chance for the campers to ride in a location other than classes at Pok-O.  “It was interesting”, remarked Jack C.  “Their horses looked like mules.  But, I rode Bailey, who was good.  I like how you get to experience time with horses.”

“It was nice, horse shows are cool,” added Jerry, who was taking part in his first competition.  “I love animals, so it’s just amazing to see kids riding these animals that used to be untamed.”

But, back to the competition, or lack thereof.  “Let’s be honest:  I don’t know the first thing I’m15_willowhill0208 doing on a horse,” claims Caroline C, “but, apparently, I was cantering pretty well.  “I wasn’t feeling too competitive – just happy to be on a horse – but I won one class because my horse was so good.”

The big day at the show was especially big for Annie C.  “It was my birthday, so the lady on the microphone said, ‘will number 116 please come to the middle.’  I thought I was going to be disqualified but instead, everyone sang Happy Birthday.  Plus:  I got a first, and I had never gotten a first before!”

See gallery, below, for more images.  The final show of the season, The 49th Big MacCready, is scheduled for next Sunday.  (See rosters for all 2015 horse shows HERE).


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