Perfect Pizza, Peace and Love

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Pok-O-MacCready was the groovy place to be Saturday evening for the 111th annual Pok-O Palooza.  In between peace marches and sit-ins for social causes, the hippies were treated to:

Fortune Telling… Trivia… Love Notesa Wedding Chapel… Live Music… Hula Hoop… Face Painting… Braiding… and Crate Stacking.  And also, the pizza was superb!

Yuri:  “My favorite part was definitely the crate climb.  A huge bug flew on me and I accidentally knocked a bunch (of crates) over, and lost.  It was really funny!”

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James D:  “I loved the music and dancing; specifically, Taylor Swift.”

Leah B:  “The dancing was great,  I forget what songs they played, really, I was just dancing.”15_palooza01

Lucien:  “I felt like a real hippy.  The fortune telling was really authentic.”

Sophie P:  “The chapel.  We had a Siamese hippy whale wedding and it was very emotional.”

Tor:  “I really liked the wedding.  I got married to Nemo and it was awesome.”

Sophie B:  “I really liked the costumes we made, like the flower crowns.”

Prisca:  “Trivia with Lucas.  I won a lollipop.”

Plenty of additional pics in the gallery, below




Pok-O-MacCready Camps
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Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

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