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111 in the Books!

        Pok-O-MacCready’s 111th summer camp season officially ended Saturday morning with the departure of the bus, and the remainder of campers by car. The campers (and staff) are departing with awards, souvenirs and, mostly, wonderful memories that will last them the winter….. CAMP IS: “Awesome!!!”  –LoPo “A place

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Sailing for the Cup

      Congratulations to Noah M and Dean P (above, left), winners of the 2015 Jack’s Cup sailing regatta. The pair of senior section campers won out over four other boats and crews in the final race.  The final five had qualified for the championship by

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Boys Banquet & Honors

The boys banquet was held Thursday night.  Served by the C.I.T.’s the meal was high class, with grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, roasted potatoes and cheesecake. For the awards section of the night, recognition was given for class areas, wilderness participation, and years of service to camp.  It was

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The Final Climb

This photo was taken at roughly 5:30 Friday morning, as a group of campers and staff awoke at 3:30 to climb Rattlesnake mountain.  They were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise and a spectacular view.  It was the perfect way to begin their final full day at camp!

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Candlelight Memories

       “In My Life”…. “You’ve Got a Friend”… “One Tin Soldier”. Those were just some of the tunes sung by the Camp MacCready girls following the session #2 banquet.  The singing began in the dining hall and continued up the trail to the cabins.  And

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Patches, Paddles and Hugs

      No one knows for sure which there were more of:  awards, or hugs! The Camp MacCready 3-weeker banquet was held Wednesday night in Robinson Hall.  Following a toast, and a feast of chicken, Brocoli and seasoned potatoes, and a cheesecake dessert, the remainder of the evening

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Tennis Champion

Congratulations to MacCready camper Kendall for capturing the 2015 Pok-O Open Tennis Championship. Kendall cruised through the field before winning her single-set title match by an 8-1 score. She becomes just the second girl to capture the Pok-O Open title, against a coed field, in the history of

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Greek Games Camper Portraits

Congratulations to Sparta for their convincing victory at the 2015 Greek Games. Prior to Tuesday night’s celebratory Greek Feast for the four city-states, we managed to capture many of the camper-warriors in their formal dinner garb. Our apologies for anyone we missed (some campers chose to attend in

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Rainy Night in Delphi

Silently, the warriors of the four city states – Argos, Athens, Sparta and Troy – marched into Delphi.  They were there to hear a declaration of peace from Zeus, along with results from the 2015 Greek Games.  The mood was that of anticipation, and the torch lit scene

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Post War Celebration

      The 111th Pok-O-MacCready Greek Feast brought a festive end to the hostilities between Argos, Athens, Sparta and Troy that were the 2015 Greek Games. Never mind that everyone showed up in togas (Roman origin, not Greek), and the main dish at the meal was

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The Peloponnesian War

      The final event of Greek Games was the Peloponnesian War, held as always on and around the MacCready field. “This was the most fun game of them all,” said Alejandro, of the Argos city state.  “Just running around and throwing the flour hawks.” Cecilia

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City States 2015

Click on the thumbnail to view full sized team photos:             See team rosters and results HERE

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O Brother Where Art Thou?

“By hook or by crook this peril too shall be something that we remember”  -Homer As was the case with the Coen brothers movie, or Homer’s epic, Pok-O-MacCready’s Odyssey was a long search for a home reunion, with obstacles on land and sea, rough weather, tough challenges

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The Trojan War

      Competition for the 2015 Greek Games championship officially began Monday evening with the Trojan War.  The event is a modified version of camp’s popular Black Line game, which itself is derived from dodgeball.  Here are the reviews from a few participants: “I thought it was

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Big Finish on a Little Mountain

Roughly a century ago, when the first aspiring 46ers were climbing the peaks and determining the highest Adirondack mountains, they somehow settled on Couchsachraga, in the Santanoni range, as one of the 4000-footers. They were wrong.  “Couchy” misses the mark in height by a wide margin— It’s

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