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To introduce new campers, as well as refresh returning campers with the challenges and joys of daytrip8Pok-O-MacCready’s wilderness program, every boy camper headed for the hills on Wednesday.

“It was nice,” said Chase, who was on the Rattlesnake Mountain hike.  “Especially when we got to the top.  There were nice views, we drew some, and we ate.”

Views and food.  They seem to be popular attractions on hikes.  “I like it,” Alberto said of his trip up Pok-O-Moonshine and Sugarloaf mountains.  “We could see mountains and lakes.  And, we had bagels with pepperoni and cheese.”


Several of Wednesday’s trips scaled the Adirondack 46er peaks– New York’s highest.  “I have over ten 46ers, even though I had already climbed Big Slide,” Ricky said of his hike.  “It was a little long, with lots of ‘false peaks’, but it was fun and we saw a giant frog in a hole.”daytrip5

For years, Pok-O’s oldest group, the Advanced Section has taken pride in its hiking prowess.  “It was difficult getting back into it.  Still fun, but definitely a faster pace in ADV,” reviewed Nick of the trip over five 4000-foot peaks.

Mainly, opening day trips was about appreciating the beauty and excitement of a unique experience not afforded many people.  “It was challenging, but fun,” concluded Connor.  “I only have five 46ers, but I plan to do more.  In fact, I’m leaving today (Thursday) on another hike!”

(See list of all camp wilderness trips HERE, and click THIS LINK for additional photos from Wednesday’s hikes.)


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