S.H.L. Final

15_shlFinal09In a tense final game, the Senior Hockey League (SHL) season came to a close last Friday with The Hand of God , with counselor Alex Straus in goal, facing off against Feng Qi Ma, with Tristan Peterson in goal.

Clad in a uniform tye dye, the Hand played a fierce game through every period, but in the end it was the combination of a tight defence and a heavily aggressive offensive that put the black-garbed Feng Qi Ma on top, winning 4 (was it 5?) to 2.

Both teams played consistently well throughout the game.  Tristan explains that “we both 15_shlFinal05played exceptionally well.  Straus and (the Hand of God) put a lot of heart into this game, but so did we”.  In the end, however, the teamwork and determination from Feng Qi Ma put them on top of their competitors in all the right times.

The game was very important to some of the campers playing.  “There was a lot of pressure to do well.  We really wanted to win, so when we did, it was one of the best feelings” says Santiago.  In the end, however, the game was all in hood fun, and an excellent finale for the heated season of hockey in Senior.  So until next year’s teams take to the rink, congratulations to this year’s SHL champions, Feng Qi Ma!  (See a roster, and winning team photo in our SPORTS SECTION)


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