The Annual Camper Play: “A North Country Story”

DSC_9926Campers took to the Neville Whitely Memorial Stage in Robinson Hall last night for the opening night performance of “North Country Story”.  Cleverly written for Camp and all things “Poko” this adaptation from “West Side Story” pitted the Sharks against the Jets:  two “rival” gangs of campers, divided into the camp “traditionalists” and the camp “modernists”.

Tempers ran high when the two groups of campers couldn’t agree on the best camp activities, music, and traditions.  These disagreements put the Sharks and the Jets head-to-head and the only way to settle it was with a good old-fashioned game of Capture the Flag.  As the tragic hero was brought down by a flourhawk, the curtain was brought down on another successful camper play.  Well done to the cast & crew! (listed below)

“A North Country Story” Cast List:


The “Jets”

Riff:  William P.DSC_9932

Tony:  Own G.

Action:  Sophie P.

A-Rab: Maya F.

Baby Joanne:  Willow H.

Snowgirl:  Elsa G.

Big Deal:  Tamrin G.

Diesel: Sienna G.

Tiger:  Alexis F.

Anybodys:  Allie C.


the “Sharks”:

DSC_9911Bernardo:  James D.

Maria:  Faye S.

Anita:  Anika BG

Chino:  Martin B.

Estella:  Addie I.

Lois:  Sasha Tkachenko

Teresita:  Prisca F.

Consuelo: Clare G.

Rosalia:  Aryanna Q.


The “Adults”:

Blue Boar:  Tor K.

Schrank:  Maddie C.

Krupke:  Pheobe W.

Glad Hand:  Pheobe W.

Figure:  Phoebe W. & Tor K.




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