Ask the Campers

What haven’t you done yet at camp that you still want to do in your final days here?

Maddie and Gabby:  "The banquet"

Maddie and Gabby: “The banquet”

Silas:  "Win S.H.L. and climb another mountain"

Silas: “Win S.H.L. and climb another mountain”

Claudia:  "Earn my Pok-O Patch"

Claudia: “Earn my Pok-O Patch”

Sasha:  "Go on an overnight hike"

Sasha: “Go on an overnight hike”

Lucia:  "Greek Games"

Lucia: “Greek Games”

Dylan: “Hike Rattlesnake”

Gwen: “Jump three feet high with a horse”

Damien: “Win S.H.L.”

Anika: “Dive off the rope swing”

Mike: “Hang out with my friends more”

Hayley: “Be a seven-weeker!”

Peter: “Be a seven-weeker!” 



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