Tribal Tug-of-War!

15_tugofwar14     15_tugofwar04

Girl’s Tug Results:

1- SENECA 2- Onondaga 3- Cayuga 4- Tuscarora 5- Mohawk

Boy’s Tug Results:

1- ONONDAGA 2- Seneca 3- Tuscarora 4- Cayuga 5- Mohawk


CAYUGA:  “It’s tough to describe.  It was very exciting; sometimes a big challenge and sometimes easy.” –Isabelle M15_tugofwar12

MOHAWK:  “It was fun because even though we lost every game, we kept up great spirits.”  –Logan

ONONDAGA:  “It was very enthusiastic and we had great confidence in ourselves.” –Jackson W

TUSCARORA:  “It was fun because it was a test of strength, but also hard because we kept losing.”  –Jenna

SENECA:  “It was difficult because Amelia and I were anchor, but we tried our hardest and, in the end, pulled through.” –Hayley

Video clips and additional photos coming soon.  Read more about Indian Games HERE.


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