The Great Indian Relay Race

The Great Indian Relay Race, scored on both speed and the accuracy of a secret message, was staged as a coed event for the first time.

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1- TUSCARORA 2- Seneca 3- Cayuga 4- Onondaga 5- Mohawk


CAY15_relayrace15UGA:  “We were the first girls to ever do the portage.  We started in first and Piper and I did a great job staying in the lead.”  –Sophie L

MOHAWK:  “I ran the Farm House to White’s Road (leg).  It was really wet, and I had a bad bruise on my leg, but I ran it out and it was really close when I finished”  –Noah G

ONONDAGA:  “We didn’t do too well with the15_relayrace18 message.  It had only one word when I got it.  I thought about maybe adding some but figured I would let someone else do it”  – Peter B

SENECA:  “It wasn’t too hard but it was kind of tricky”  – Ireland (discussing her role as a canoe racer)

TUSCARORA:  “I got there first, even though there were some real fast guys doing it!”  –  Prisca (opening leg)

Here’s a video of the finish:

   and check out more pictures in the gallery below.

See current tribal rosters, photos and current Indian Games results HERE




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